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Joesph Pilates developed a body conditioning system known today as “pilates” originally named “contrology.” Pilates is the complete co-ordination of body, mind and spirit. Acquiring control over your body through his system of exercises would provide suppleness, muscular power, with corresponding endurance, good posture and alleviation of body strain. He focused on the conscious control of all muscular movements in the body providing complete balance of body and mind. Joseph focused on body mechanics and applying proper leverage principles while having regard to the skeletal framework of the body and muscle systems. His focus centers around  posture, mechanics, correct breathing, spinal flexibility and appropriate physical exercise. If you read his original texts, first published in 1934, you will note his conviction that his regime alone could properly counter many of the ill effects of modern existence which involve everything from bad posture, bad diet to physical and mental strain.

“Patience and persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavor.”

-Joseph Pilates

Studio Offerings

Charlotte Pilates & Davidson Pilates provides a unique experience no matter what your skill level. Learn the fundamentals of Pilates on the equipment. We offer private or group one hour sessions that are  customized to your needs.


New Client Package: 
Three hour long private sessions that will teach you the fundamentals of Pilates and familiarize you with the Pilates equipment.  After completion we will place you in the appropriate class level based on your goals.
Private sessions:
Ideal for individuals who are looking to get in shape, take their training to the next level, or for those rehabilitating injuries. The instructor designs your hour session based upon your goals ensuring you are executing each move properly.
Duet Sessions:
These sessions are great for friends, couples or two individuals who are on the same level physically and enjoy the company during their workout. Sometimes partners encourage each other to work harder, motivate and hold each other accountable. It is a cost effective way to train.
Small Group Sessions:
Maximum of 4 people in class giving you a group class feel with the ability to still get hands on attention.
  • Single Session: $70
  • Package of 5: $340
  • Package of 10: $650
  • Private One-On-One Instruction
  • Single Session: $40
  • Package of 5: $190
  • Package of 10: $350
  • Work Together With A Instructor
Sm Group
  • Single Session: $30
  • Package of 5: $140
  • Package of 10: $260
  • Workout With Friends
New Client
  • Package of 3 sessions: $150
  • Determine your goals
  • Learn Pilates Fundamentals
  • Private One-On-One Instruction

Studio Happenings

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deep stretch and nutrition

Join Michele Pulaski and Erin Falls for a FREE Deep Stretch and Nutrition workshop on February 17th at 6:30pm please sign up in advance as space is limited

Pilates Academy International Teacher Training 

Spring 2017 

All Populations Mat I (APM I)

Hosted by:

Charlotte Pilates/Davidson Pilates  CPDP

202 S. Main St.

Davidson, NC 28036




What makes great buildings?  Great foundations!  This course teaches the first three tiers of the Pilates Mat repertoire and how to modify exercises for all age groups and fitness levels.  Emphasis is placed on maintaining variety and providing small challenges while safely progressing a client in order to avoid monotony.  Students leave the course confident and capable of creating safe and effective workouts for today’s diverse client.  68 Exercises.
35 hours
Prerequisite: ABP or equivalent

This course is CEC Approved.
CEC’s: (ACE) 3.0

    April 21 – April 23

May 4 – May 7


Thursday & Friday  1:00 pm – 6:00 pm, Saturday 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Sunday  9:30 am – 3:30 pm

Course Tuition: $1100 

Manual $30


Classes can be taken privately, if requested at an additional cost

We reserve the right to cancel any course

due to low enrollment or other extenuating circumstances

To register call 704-607-1531


email janmoeski@aol.com

$200 deposit will hold your space in each class

Please make checks payable to 

Integrated Body Work

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We are now using MindBody, Inc. to enable our clients to sign up for small group only classes online.
Please click the following link to see our list of classes and to sign up!

Balanced Body


Class Schedule

To see our full schedule of classes and to sign up,

please visit our MindBody page.

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